roofingEven though you might have used a professional roofing company to replace your roof, snow and ice damage could cause serious damage to the roof. If you live in areas that experience extreme weather, there are likely to be roof problems. You might be an enthusiast do-it-yourselfer and want to learn how to use your garage filled with tools to maintain your roof. These are the most common roof problems that you may encounter.

Roof Leaks

You may not be on your roof as often as you should, so you might not notice any water spots or leaks until it is too late. A leaking roof can be difficult to fix, especially if it’s a small leak.

These are the most common areas where roof leaks have been reported:

  • Near the chimney
  • In the gutters
  • Skylights
  • The venting pipes are located around the perimeter
  • Broken or damaged shingles
  • Flashing points

It’s not as simple as finding missing shingles and replacing them. Your roof might have been damaged by shingles, but it is possible that the leak was caused more subtly and is harder to find.

Flashing Damaged

Flashing problems can lead to leaks but cracked flashing is an individual problem. Cracked or loose flashing can eventually be exposed to moisture and water, which will lead to expensive repairs. To fix cracked flashing, you may need to remove the surrounding shingles. Amateur roofers may have other problems if they remove shingles to fix flashing problems.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters can be a problem. Gutter problems can lead to roof water not having a place to go if they become blocked or broken. The moisture could seep into your eaves, which can cause rot and structural problems.

To help you, hire a roofing contractor

We don’t want you to lose your DIY spirit but roofing problems should be left to the professionals. Incorrect repairs can lead to more problems. To understand how roofing materials work together, you would need to watch hours upon hours of YouTube videos. Each home is unique. It takes skill to seal awkward spaces. You should also rely on professionals to assist you with roof repairs. Every time you climb onto your roof, you put yourself in grave danger. Many homeowners are injured every year by falling from their roofs.

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