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Greenville SCGreenville SC is a city in South Carolina. It’s home to the Greenville County Museum of Art, with works by Southern artists spanning several centuries. Exhibits at the Upcountry History Museum tell the story of upstate South Carolina. Falls Park on the Reedy has riverside gardens, a suspension bridge and waterfall views. Multi-use trails wind around lakes and hills in Paris Mountain State Park, north of the city.

Expert Roof Replacement Greenville SC

Your roof provides protection and aesthetic benefits for your home. Your home’s curb appeal can be affected by the roof. An old roof can ruin the exterior of your home. However, a new roof can bring life to a tired exterior.

Roofing is a complex process that requires expert knowledge and skill. If a roofing job is done too quickly, it can lead to structural problems, future leaks, or future repair costs. A roofing job done right, however, can last for decades. KM Roof and Home Repair in Greenville SC is the right company to call when you need a new roof.

Roof Replacement Experts

KM Roof and Home Repair understands that a roof replacement is an investment and should not be left to anyone. No matter the type of roof replacement in Greenville SC you need, our skilled roofing technicians will provide excellent service and high quality workmanship. They will help you make the best decisions for your home and satisfy all your roofing needs.

Our experts will help you navigate the process, no matter if you are looking to replace or build a new roof. Special features may be added to your roof such as weatherproofing, heat wires or specialized gutters. Ask us about how these elements could impact the bid or overall process. Ask one of our experts about your options, including roofing layers and shingle types.

Signs that you need a roof replacement

Residential Roofing Greenville SCSometimes, it’s obvious that a roof needs to be replaced. One example is a cave-in, or a large gaping hole. A new roof may also be required if you have suffered extensive damage from natural disasters. There are other subtle signs that your roof may need to be replaced.

Ceiling Spots

Ceiling spots or stains can indicate that your roof needs to be replaced. While a single leak can be fixed with a patch, multiple leaks may need to be replaced. Multiple leaks could indicate that your roof is deteriorating or that there isn’t enough ventilation to expel water trapped beneath the shingles. This is a sign that the systemic problems are not being addressed.

Shingle disintegration and Decay

If you see shingles falling apart, it’s a sign that your roof needs to be replaced. Sometimes, shingles can be swept away by the drains. This is often due to decay. If the roofing mat is too saturated with moisture trapped in the roof, it can cause the roof to become weak and unstable.

Frequent Repairs

Finally, if your roof seems to be in constant need of repairs, it might be time for a complete replacement. It is possible that your neighbors are also replacing their roofs. Your neighborhood’s roofs were likely installed around the same period and are subject to the same weather elements. They have a high likelihood of deteriorating at the same rate. Even if your roof seems fine, it is a sign that you might need to replace your roof sooner than expected.

Greenville, South Carolina: Roofing

South Carolina residents have many options when it comes to roofs for their homes. Your decision will be influenced by your neighborhood codes. There are other factors to consider when selecting a new roof.

The type of shingle you choose will have a significant impact on the look and cost of your roof. The slope of your roof can limit the options available based on how easy it is to install and the long-term durability.

Asphalt shingles are the most widely used type of roofing material in South Carolina. It is very affordable and simple to install. You may choose to have a metal roof, concrete tiles, clay or wood roofing depending on your home’s style.

If you’re unsure about which style or material is right for you, KM Roof and Home Repair can help you review all your options during your free inspection. Start your journey to a new roof.

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