rooferYou need to hire a roofer now. How do you choose from the many roofers available? To ensure that you receive the best and safest roofing services, it is important to check their credentials and professionalism. There are some questions that you should ask before signing on the dotted lines.

What Should You Ask A Roofer Before Hiring Him?

Do you have a license, bond, and insurance?

If you want to hire a licensed local roofing company, they must meet the minimum requirements for a roofer in your state. Unlicensed roofers can cause problems, such as voiding warranties and making it difficult to resolve any issues. A bonded roofer will have insurance to compensate you if they fail to complete the job as per the contract. A roofer who is insured will be covered by the right insurance for workers so you won’t have to pay any medical expenses if an accident occurs. You should also check that all of the roofer’s subcontractors and contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured.

What is the payment system?

When it comes to large projects like roofing, one of the first things people ask is “How much will this cost me?” Instead, ask “How can I pay for it?” Before the work begins, it is crucial to establish the payment terms. You will be protected from people taking advantage of you. You can pay in the following ways:

  • Only pay by check or credit card. Never cash. You will have proof of payment and a paper trail.
  • Do not pay the entire amount upfront and avoid choosing a roofer who wants to be paid in cash.
  • It is acceptable to pay a deposit on larger projects.
  • You may be able to pay in installments.

rooferHow long has your business been running?

What happens if you have a problem with your roof? You have a warranty and maintenance plan so you contact the roofer who installed your roof. The business has closed, and the roofer is gone. What does this mean for your warranty or repairs? You’re out of luck. Hiring a contractor with a long-standing business in your area will help you avoid this. If you hire a roofing contractor who has been in business for at least 10 years, this is a great choice.

Who is responsible for the roof permits?

A building permit is likely to be required for large roofing projects. To make any changes or additions to your property, you will need permission from the local authorities. Permits are required to make these changes, ensuring your safety and compliance with local building codes. Professional roofers will always obtain the permits for you when required.

Are you currently a member of any roof associations?

It is recommended that you choose a roofer who belongs to a local or national association. They have taken extra steps to keep up with the latest roofing trends and maintain a standard of service. To find a roofer, you can consult sources like the National Roofers Contractors Association.

Is there a contract in writing?

Professional roofers in Greenville SC will offer a contract that both parties can sign and agree to. The contract should contain payment information, the services that will be performed, completion dates, and the total price. A contract can help keep roofers accountable, and it can also be used to compare roofing contractors when choosing whom to hire.

If you are looking for a reliable roofer, call KM Roof and Home Repair now. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded and we’re ready to assist you right now!

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