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roof Greenville SCIt’s not surprising that we live in a DIY-oriented culture. We want to do everything ourselves. When it comes to your roof, there are a few things you shouldn’t do.

Avoid these roof related mistakes.

Power Washing the roof

You want your house to be clean both inside and outside. This includes your roof. You may be tempted to use a power wash and scrub brush to remove the ugly algae on your roof. You will not only remove the algae but also the granules which protect your roof from heat, sun, and impact.

Your roof’s lifespan will be reduced.

Avoid Debris in Valleys

The water will dam up if you ignore the twigs and branches, leaves, and seeds that accumulate in your roof valleys.

This will eventually lead to a roof leak.

Block Gutters

Keep your gutters free of debris, as well as your valleys. If you allow water to sit on your roof, it can cause leaks in your home.

A blocked gutter will cause leaks on your roof.

Installing a new roof over an old damaged roof

When we start to remove the shingles, there is a layer beneath. This is a lazy way to save money and time. It is important to remove the old roof before installing a new one.

The lifespan of a new roof will be reduced if an old roof is not removed before installation.

Walk on Your Roof

We see many people walk around their roofs to hang Christmas lights or install Santa Claus, but this is not a good thing. It is dangerous to walk around your roof and can damage your roof.

The granules of the shingles are removed when you walk on a roof. The granules protect your shingles against the sun, heat, and other elements. A shorter lifespan and less protection are associated with fewer granules.

roof Greenville SCCheck for leaks by pulling up the shingles

It’s tempting when you suspect a leak to start removing the shingles. This can often lead to more damage.

You or your partner may think that a skylight would be perfect for the kitchen (or living area). Installing a skylight on your own can damage your roof.

Hire a professional installer to install skylights. The professional should know how to repair the hole correctly, so as not to compromise your roof.

Attach a basketball hoop to your roof

You’ve probably seen too many cars being damaged by mobile basketball hoops that fell. Attaching basketball hoops to your roof will not solve the problem. When the basketball hits the hoop repeatedly, it causes vibrations that cause the bolts on your roof to be broken.

The seal will cause leaks, and reduce the lifespan of your roof.

Installing a Satellite Dish

Mounting a satellite dish is similar to mounting basketball hoops on your roof. You will need to screw bolts into the roof.

This can damage your roof, causing leaks. Ask the technician to install your dish using an under-eave bracket.

Attach Christmas Lights

You can attach your Christmas lights in a variety of ways without making a hole through your shingles.

If you use nails, screws, or staples to attach your shingles, you can cause your roof to leak and be damaged.

Install solar panels directly to your roof

Attaching items to your roof is a bad idea.

Instead of using bolts to secure solar panels to your roofing, use a hidden bracket.

The holes made by the bolts begin to leak over time. Call a professional to install the solar panels using a hidden bracket.

Keep your DIY urges for home decor. You shouldn’t damage your roof by power-washing it or poking holes into it. Contact KM Roof and Home Repair now to avoid damaging your roof or injuring yourself. We’ll answer all of your questions about roofing.

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