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roof replacementYou’ll probably have to plan a roof install during your tenure as a homeowner, even though a roof can last decades. It is difficult to book an appointment to install a roof the next day. When determining the best time for a roof replacement, you must consider factors like weather conditions, contractor availability, and prices.

The time of year you choose for your roof installation will significantly impact many factors, such as the cost of the project and the time required. Below we have outlined the pros and cons for each season so you can plan confidently.

Roof Replacement: Slow Seasons vs Busy Seasons

Roof replacements may be in greater or lesser demand during certain seasons, depending on the outdoor temperature, weather conditions and customer requirements. The season you choose for roof installation is an important part of your planning.

It’s important to note that seasonal demand can differ depending on the climate and conditions in your locality. If you are unsure about the best times of year for roofing, it is best to ask a local roofing company. They can provide answers.

While choosing the right season to install your roof is important, you can’t always choose the best time. You may need immediate service in the following scenarios:

  • Missing shingles
  • Damaged flashing
  • Exposed light

You’ll need to act as soon as possible in these situations and devise the best action plan. If you’re flexible with your schedule, consider the pros and cons of roof installation during each season.

1. Winter is Very Slow


Winter roof installation has the advantage that prices are usually lower, and there is more availability during the slow season. You can plan ahead for a winter installation to ensure that there will be no scheduling issues.


Extreme cold and weather conditions can cause damage to roofing materials. To install shingles, temperatures must be above 40-45 degrees.

Roof materials are more susceptible to damage in harsh weather conditions like ice, snow and sleet. This results in a less durable roof. The weather can affect materials and workers, resulting in slower progress than during warm weather.

Winter is the best time to save money and not have to plan ahead for busy seasons. Beware of weather conditions which can cause delays.

2. Spring is a busy time


Spring offers cooler temperatures and lower humidity, which is ideal for roofing. This reduces the risk of damage from moisture and is also more comfortable for workers. You can therefore complete the project faster.


Roof installation in Greenville SC becomes more popular as the weather warms up. Contractors tend to increase their prices. Spring is also a time of unpredictable weather and rain, which can lead to a longer installation.

It is important to note that spring showers tend to slow down towards the year’s end. Plan your trip for May or June if you want to avoid too much rain. Although many roofing companies are not yet fully booked, it is important to plan ahead. Spring is busier than the winter months.

roof replacement3. Summer: Unpredictable


If you plan the installation correctly, summer roof installations can succeed. The middle and end of summer can be too humid and hot, but the beginning is the best time to install a roof. It is not too humid and hot yet, and hasn’t rained much. This makes for more stable weather, which is better for workers and materials.


Early summer is a popular time to install roofs, so that you may have scheduling issues. Many places get hot and humid in the middle of summer. Workers will need more breaks in these extreme conditions. This results in a slower process.

Shingles are also not designed to be set up in high temperatures and may become less durable. When installing a roof in extremely high temperatures, shingles can melt.

4. Fall is very busy


For several reasons, roof installation professionals and contractors will agree that the fall is the best time to install a roof. After summer, the weather is usually cooler and consistent. This allows workers to work longer and more efficiently. This weather allows shingles to seal and set before the harsh winter weather.


It is important to plan for the fall’s biggest downside. It can be a very busy season, as many people start installing, and roofing contractors are booked up fast. It’s important to book your appointment months in advance, as slots can be limited and prices can increase.

What to expect during a roof installation

Under ideal conditions, workers can remove and replace a roofing system in one to four working days. Installation can take up to six weeks when the weather is less than ideal. Roof installation costs can range anywhere from $6,000 up to $16,000, depending on factors such as the location, size of your house, and size of your roof. Metal roofing is an alternative material that costs, on average, $10,700. Talk to your roofing company in Greenville SC to find out how they keep your yard debris-free.

Roof Replacement: Why You Should Replace Your Roof

You should check the functionality of your roof from time to time. However, problems may not always be visible. You can check the date your roof was installed to determine how long it will last and if you need a replacement soon. Roofs with shingles last between 20 and 25 years. Roofs installed over a layer of shingles must be replaced every 20 years.

Shingles must always be flat. It is time to repair if you see cracked patches, buckling or damaged shingles.

Roof replacements are often due to leaky roofs or damaged shingles. They can also be caused by unwanted roof plants, such as mold and fungus.

Roof Replacement vs. Repair

You should consider the cost of a complete roof replacement before you decide to proceed. Here are some situations where it might be better to repair your roof than replace it:

  • Minor damage
  • You cannot afford to replace your old one
  • Need service on short notice?
  • Note: If you are unsure of what to do, contact a local roofing company and have a discussion.
  • Some roof damage can be repaired, but in some cases, it is absolutely necessary to replace your roof.

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

Safety is the main reason we recommend that you do not replace your roof yourself. Even if it’s the perfect time to replace your roof, you still risk falling from the top of the house. Working on a ladder is not practical when doing a roofing project.

By hiring a professional, you can eliminate the risk of injury to yourself or of the negative consequences of an incorrect installation. The professionals handle all aspects of the project, from the roof inspection to the installation and cleanup.

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