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roofSpring cleaning is a must-do for anyone who loves it. Your roof is just as important to clean up as your inside home. To help you understand the steps, our roofing contractors have created a checklist for roof spring cleaning. Please note that if you find any major or minor damage during your roof inspection, it is best to call a professional roofing company for a free assessment of your roof. They will give you their best advice. They can help you decide if your roof needs to be repaired, replaced, or patched.

Roof Cleaning Tips

Trim nearby branches

When spring arrives, it is a good idea to trim any branches that may be casting shadows on your roof. If branches are blown off or fall, spring and summer can bring many storms. It’s possible to cause significant damage to your roof from falling branches. However, it is better to trim them before they fall.

Clean the Gutters

People don’t clean their gutters after the fall, which can lead to a lot of buildups. Tree leaves, pine needles, sticks, and other debris can fall into gutters. They don’t always blow away or fall down the downspout. To ensure rainwater flows properly through the gutters and down the downspout, you should clean them out. It is better to clean them than to have debris and buildup on your lawn or your deck.

Get rid of all roof debris

It is important to clean your roof as soon as you notice any debris. There is a good chance that all the debris from a long, rainy, or snowy season has caused mold or mildew to grow under your roof. It is easy to clean up the debris with a leaf blower or your hand.

Check your roof for loose shingles

Your roof can be severely damaged by ice and snow storms or long winters. In a long winter, snow and ice can cause damage to shingles and gutters. The shingles may become separated, curled, or simply blown off. If there are lots of snow and ice backups, gutters can also face these same problems. It is important to inspect your roof before the spring months arrive to fix any damaged or loose shingles. You can fix loose shingles by yourself, or nail them in place. If not, it is best to call a local roofing company.

Take a look at the Attic

You should inspect your ceiling and attic for signs of mold or water damage. Mold in your attic usually indicates a problem with ventilation or insulation, even if the roof is not leaking. It is important to contact a professional immediately if you notice any staining or mildew. Professional roofers can quickly identify the problem and fix it before more serious problems occur.

Remove Mildew and Mold

It is best to remove any debris that has caused mildew and mold on your roof as soon as possible. Then, contact a professional. You will notice discolored streaks and signs of mold on your roof. Your roof and personal health can be affected by mildew and mold. Professional roofers will tell you how severe the damage is and whether there are other problems beneath.

Flashing and Chimney

To check if your chimney has to flash, you will need to inspect it. Flashing is a thin, metal material installed around a chimney to divert water away. The flashing material can pull away from your chimney and roof. This can cause small holes in your roof or home that could allow bugs and water to enter. Although this is a small fix, if you don’t have the ability to see the damage before you repair it, that can cause even more damage. This can be done to check for damage that the eye cannot see.

Repair Any Damage

Your roof can be damaged by all of these factors, including debris, tree branches and harsh winters and wind, mold, and mildew. Before you can determine the extent of damage and what needs to be done to fix it, it is best to do everything. This will help you determine if you should call a professional roofing contractor in Greenville or if the damage can be fixed by you. You should repair any damage as soon as possible to ensure that your roof is safe.

Here it is – your roof spring cleaning checklist. While we often focus on our interiors and landscaping, it is important to not neglect your roof. It is important to ensure your roof is in good condition as it is one of the most expensive parts of your home.

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