gutterGutters are an indispensable part of any home’s upkeep, yet many people consider the process of cleaning them to be a tedious chore. But just how bad can it be if you miss out on regular gutter maintenance? The truth is that not taking action could prove quite costly – learn why here!

Why and When To Clean The Gutter

Ensure your home’s safety by avoiding clogged gutters; an accumulation of leaves and debris can interfere with their ability to channel water away from the house. Ignoring this maintenance task could result in costly damage around your property, so it is crucial that you take preventative measures such as installing a gutter guard or screening system to protect against blockages.

To ensure your gutters are free of debris and flowing properly, we recommend scheduling a checkup once or twice each year. If there’s an abundance of foliage near your home that drops leaves onto the roof and in the gutters, be sure to inspect their fall and spring season ends. Additionally, major weather events can cause trees to drop limbs into the gutter system—it’s important to take note after hurricanes or strong storms so you aren’t left with any lasting damage from clogged-up drains.

What happens if I don’t clean the gutter?

Are you still not convinced to make gutter cleaning a priority on your home maintenance list? These are some of the consequences of skipping this chore.

Roof Damage

Your gutters will overflow if they are blocked. Standing water can cause roofing shingles to deteriorate quicker than usual if it comes in contact. Water can also get into the decking underneath, which can cause it to rot. Rotten roofs, even those that touch your gutters, can cause water to seep into your home. This is best avoided with routine gutter maintenance.

Foundation Damage

Gutter systems that are properly functioning will channel rainwater through downspouts to the point where it can flow away. If they become blocked, water can pool around your home’s base and flow over the edges. The ground around your foundation can become softened, which can lead to cracks and shifting. Your foundation walls can allow water to seep through, resulting in a damp and unsanitary crawlspace or basement.

Driveway and Landscaping Damage

Similar to the points mentioned above, if your gutters constantly dump water on your plants, eventually they will become waterlogged and can die. Water that isn’t draining properly from your home can seep into driveways and cement patios. These areas can be damaged and cracked by frozen water.

Ice Dams

Standing water can be a problem, but it gets worse when temperatures drop and the water turns to ice. Ice dams are heavy ice packs that hang from your gutters as the ice melts and refreezes over several days. These dams can cause roof leaks and pull the gutters off your home. If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, clean gutters will not completely prevent ice dams from the building. However, they can help.


Many insects and other pests can thrive in moist, decomposing leaves. While it’s fine for pests to stay outside, it can be quite another when they enter your home looking for warmth or shelter. Keep your gutters clear so they don’t get in.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can grow in any wet mass, which can not only make your home look bad but also cause severe health problems and can be very costly to remove.

You will now be able to see that clearing your gutters of debris once a year, no matter how unpleasant, is an essential part of maintaining your home’s health. There are many companies that can do this job for you if you don’t feel up to the task.

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