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roof A punctured roof calls for immediate repair. Holes in your roofing system invite water to seep in, and this exposure to moisture can lead to extensive and expensive damages.

When there are punctured holes in your shingles, you might begin to notice leaking inside of your home in places like your attic or through the ceiling in the floor below. This is just the visible effect of a puncture hole as you can’t see the damage within the roofing system itself. The roofing underlayment will also be exposed to moisture through the puncture hole.

What Causes Puncture Holes in Your Roof?

Lots of things can cause roof damage like harsh weather, fallen debris, and strong winds. But there is just one main cause of a roofing puncture. Most commonly, someone working on the roof without proper training or expertise causes a roofing puncture. Punctures occur from improperly used tools or someone walking on the roof.

Roof punctures can happen when weight and concentrated pressure punch a small hole in the roof. The biggest concern is when a roof puncture exposes the underlayment, where water can seep through and penetrate the various layers of the roofing system, not to mention your home’s structure.

Very rarely are roofing punctures caused by falling debris that strike the surface of the roof. On occasion, a strong storm with high winds can force trees to drop debris that can hit a roof and create a puncture, however, the debris would have to land just right to puncture a shingle. If followed by heavy rainfall, the problem compounds and creates more moisture-related issues like leaks, mold, mildew, and the need for roof repairs.

Addressing Puncture Holes

If the main cause of a puncture hole is an inexperienced person attempting to resolve a roofing problem by mishandling tools or overexposure to heavy foot traffic, you’ll want to avoid fixing the puncture hole yourself. Do-it-yourselfers and an untrained hand primarily cause puncture holes, so you’ll certainly want to call a professional roofing contractor to fix your roof.

Professional roofers are trained to resolve roofing issues and have experience with using the tools needed to do the job. Puncture holes are among these roofing issues, and professional contractors have the experience needed to quickly patch a roof without causing damage.

They’re also trained to access and walk on the roof without inflicting further issues. Greenville roofers are equipped with the proper safety gear that allows them to walk on the roof and avoid causing further punctures to the shingles.

Preventing Puncture Holes

Save yourself from the headaches of fixing puncture holes in your roof by setting in place certain preventative measures. Not only will you avoid having to scout for the source of a leak and spend money on roof repairs, but you’ll also ensure that your roof will stay intact throughout its lifespan.

roof Roofing inspections:

It’s recommended to have your roof inspected once a year by a professional roofing contractor, regardless of whether it has suffered damage or not. A roofing inspection conducted by a trained roofer can pick up on any part of the roof that needs to be replaced or repaired, including puncture holes you may not be aware of. You may not notice the obvious signs of damage, but having a yearly inspection done can catch anything that’s missed.

Tree trimming:

Although it’s rare for puncture holes to be caused by debris, it’s still a good idea to make sure the surrounding trees are trimmed back to prevent this from happening. Windstorms can cause branches to crash into your roof, but regular tree trimming can help protect your home and its roofing system.

Reduce foot traffic:

Some roofing punctures are caused by heavy foot traffic. An easy way to prevent punctures is to minimize as much foot traffic on the roof as possible. Essentially, the only people you should allow on the roof are professional roofing contractors. Avoid sunbathing and gathering on the roof and pass off any needed repairs and roof replacements to professional roofing contractors.

Secure roofing installations and appliances:

Additions like satellite dishes or solar panels should be thoroughly secured to your roof to help prevent the need to repair or refasten them, which can cause punctures to occur.

Check with a roofing contractor about creating puncture-resistant walkways for roofing installations that may require regular access for upkeep and maintenance like windows or solar panels. As heavy foot traffic can cause punctures to form, you will want to consider using heavier boards on the roof for these walkways.

Only use professional roofers:

You may feel confident enough to repair a shingle but consider that you might end up accidentally creating more damage than intended. A misplaced roofing nail, a misstep on the roof, or improperly using a tool for the job can easily make a puncture hole that you might not notice right away. Instead, have a professional roofing contractor in Greenville SC do the repair job, and in the case of a roof replacement, hire a reputable roofing company to upgrade your roof.

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