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roof repairYou shouldn’t jump right into a DIY project just because you can. It is just not safe or advisable to do certain tasks yourself, especially when it comes to home improvements such as roof repair or installation.

One of these tasks is roofing. These eight compelling reasons are why you should not leave roofing work to the pros.

Why Professional Repair Is Better Than A DIY

1) DIY repair is dangerous.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, roofing contractors are consistently rated one of the most dangerous occupations. Their work fatality rate is more than tenfolds that of the national average.

Why is there such a high number of roofing deaths? Even for the most skilled roofing contractors in Greenville SC, it can be dangerous work. Roofers are at risk of falling, as well as weather, heat exhaustion, and structural collapse.

A professional roofer may have the tools, experience, and safety equipment to manage these risks. However, a homeowner might not. It’s worth hiring professional roofing contractors to avoid any serious injuries to your home and others.

2) You may be subject to a termination of your product warranty.

Manufacturers of roofing have very specific warranty guidelines. These guidelines often include specific instructions about how to install the roof. If not followed, it can lead to problems. These details can be as simple as the number of nails per roof shingle, the length of each nail or the ventilation requirements. It is important to only hire a licensed roofing contractor who have a good reputation and are familiar with the local area.

3) You won’t get a workmanship warranty.

Every roofing company worth its salt will offer a warranty on roof repairs in Greenville SC. The warranty provides you with peace of mind and protection in the event that problems occur due to workmanship or materials. However, if your roof is not covered by a warranty, it will be difficult to get repairs or a roof replacement.

asphalt shingles4) You can void your homeowner’s insurance.

Your homeowner’s insurance usually covers your roof against damage or destruction caused by the elements or acts of nature. Your insurance will not cover damage caused by negligent repairs or mistakes in installation. You might notice water damage if you replace your roof’s shingles and leave behind some crooked ones. Your homeowner’s insurance provider will likely deny your claim if they discover the error you made when installing your own shingles.

5) You can miss a critical issue.

Your ceiling stain could be more than just an aesthetic issue. You might not see the underlying damage if you just try to patch the leak or shingle the roof. Molding, rotting and eventually, structural failure can all be caused by water damage. This is why a DIY roof repair could lead to costly and long-term problems. A skilled roofing contractor will be able to identify and fix problems in your roof before they cause serious damage.

6) DIY roofing is more time-consuming.

The process of roof repair is time-consuming and difficult if you don’t have the right training or experience. A project that might take a professional roofer just a few days to diagnose, purchase materials, and perform the actual roofing job could take you up to a month. You will pay more for the time you take off your schedule and any delays.

7) DIY repair may not look as pretty.

Your roof is complex and multilayered. It can be difficult to understand and assemble, much like your furniture purchase. It can be difficult to match shingles with existing ones, even though it may seem simple. You can have a dramatic impact on the curb appeal of your home if you install shingles that are mismatched, crooked, or poorly matched. Only a professional like KM Roof and Home Repair can install roofing that is both structurally sound and attractive.

There are things best left to the professionals. One of those things is roof repair. Contact KM Roof and Home Repair for professional roofing services!

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