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roof replacementThere is no right time to decide that you need a roof replacement. However, a snowy winter day can make it even more difficult. Is it possible to replace a roof during winter? The short answer is yes.

What Does Winter Weather Mean for Roof Replacement in Greenville?

1. Materials


Laminate shingles should be installed at temperatures between 39 degrees F and 78 degrees F.  Below 39 degrees F they can become brittle and more susceptible to cracking or breaking. They can be installed in colder temperatures, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they cannot. It means that extra care must be taken.


Shingles have a self-sealant strip that activates under heat to ensure that they stay together and don’t lift in the wind. This process can be delayed by cold temperatures, as you might expect. Although most roofing companies only use four nails per roof shingle, we use six nails per roof shingle to replace a winter roof. This is what we use for high-wind roof installation year-round. It creates a strong, secure hold that allows your shingles to withstand harsh winter conditions.

2. Tools

The cold can also affect sealant and shingles. Winter can be just as hard on roofers’ most used tools, such as compressors and nail guns. Compression tools that release steam into their lines will invariably turn some of the humidity and steam into liquid. Below freezing, this water will quickly freeze. The tool’s performance will be compromised as ice accumulates slowly.

No matter what season it is, nails must be driven correctly. Overdriven nails can cause damage to the shingle. While underdriven nails can cause shingles to sit up and create air bubbles, which makes your roof and shingles vulnerable to high winds. Nails may not be driven as deep as necessary if they become stuck in the airways during cold temperatures. Roofers should monitor the presence of ice during winter in their compression tools and pay attention to the depth adjusters on nail guns to avoid this problem.

3. Health and Safety

Roofers should be aware of potential winter hazards such as slick surfaces, hidden dangers such as skylights and vents, and the effects and adverse weather conditions, especially extreme cold. It is important that you protect yourself and ensure safety by hiring a roofer who will take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your roofers.

  • Ask about the safety and health program for roofers. Roofing contractors with more than five employees are legally required to have one.
  • Check that the roofer is covered for both workers’ compensation and general liability. You could be held responsible for any medical expenses and repairs if the roofer is not insured.
  • Confirm that all employees have successfully completed the Working at Heights Training Program.

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