roof leaksYou can fix roof leaks on your own even without experience. However, you can’t expect pro-level outcomes after watching a few how-to videos on YouTube. It is still advised to hire a roofing contractor when it comes to fixing roofing issues. On the other hand, it is still beneficial to know the basics of roof repair. Here’s what you should know:

Leaky roof overview

A roof leak f is likely to be the reason for water spots that run down walls or across ceilings. The hardest part of roof leak repair is finding the leak. There are some easy ways to find and repair most types of roof leaks. You should immediately fix a leaky roof. Even if the leak is only for a few months, it can cause major problems like mold, rotted framing and sheathing, damaged insulation, and ceiling damage. The ceiling stains that had remained for more than two years revealed the flashing leak which caused a costly repair bill. The damage and subsequent repairs could have been minimized if the homeowner dealt with the problem immediately.

How to find roof leaks

To find a leaky roof, look up to see if there are any stains. Roof penetrations are the first thing you should look out for. Leakage is most likely to occur when items penetrate the roof. Even on older roofs, it is rare for leaks in areas with uninterrupted shingles to form. Penetrations could include plumbing, roof vents, and chimneys. They may be several feet from the leak, or just to the left or right. If you have access to your attic, it is possible to locate a leak by going up with a flashlight to check for evidence. You will see water stains, mold, or black marks. If access is difficult or the ceiling is vaulted, you will need to climb up on the roof to examine the suspects.

How to find difficult leaks

You can ask a friend to help you find the leak and then climb up onto the roof using a garden hose. Begin low and soak the area immediately above the spot where the leak is. When you run the hose, make sure to isolate any areas. To soak the chimney’s downhill side first, then each side, and finally the top. Your helper should remain inside the house while you wait for the drip to occur. Allow the hose to run for several minutes in a single area, before moving it up the roof. Your helper should yell if a drip is visible. The leak will be visible to you. The process can take up to an hour. Be patient and don’t move the hose quickly. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if running water fails to reveal the exact location. Remove the shingles from the area. Once the shingles are removed, you will see evidence of the leakage and be able to track down the source. Directly below and around a leaky roofing structure, you’ll find discolored felt paper, water-stained wood, or even rotted timber.

Solutions for small roof leaks

Roof leaks can be difficult to find. Sometimes, the water can be seen in a spot on the ceiling that is not directly affected by the leak. You can remove the insulation from your ceiling and check for any flow marks. Water can often seep through the vapor barrier to reach ceiling light fixtures.

Tiny cracks in shingles can lead to rot and a leaky roof for many years before you realize it. There might be holes in an antenna mounting bracket, satellite dish, or another item. The roofing nails that have been misplaced should be pulled and the holes repaired. Although small holes can be repaired easily, it is not possible to fill the hole with caulk. Flashing is the best way to fix a leaky roof.

Hire a roofing contractor to fix roof leaks

Contractors are roofing experts. Roofing contractors are able to perform repairs quickly and do high-quality work. Roofers can spot hidden damage that you may not be aware of. These repairs can be done by the roofing contractor in addition to the more obvious ones. Hidden damage can be fixed to ensure your home is protected from the elements. KM Roof and Home Repair can help you with roof repairs in Greenville. We offer top-notch services including inspections and maintenance.

The exact location of roof leaks can be hard to pinpoint. If you think your roof has leaks, contact KM Roof and Home Repair today.

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