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roofThe US Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that setting up roof decorations accounts for approximately 15,000 injuries each year. Don’t be a part of that statistic. Keep your roof and yourself safe by following these tips:

How to put up holiday lights while protecting your roof

Before Installation

Make sure your roof is in top condition

Every home should have a roof that is structurally sound. Every roof should be inspected at least once per year. The best time is just before the holidays. Contact a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof. They’ll inspect and repair any damage and recommend the best actions. You can rest assured that your lights will add beauty and value to your home by using a roof.

Clean Gutters and Roof

It is unsafe to install lights on a roof that is not clean or in gutters that are dirty. Clean gutters and remove fallen leaves with a rake. Gutter cleaning is important. If the lights are not working properly, dry leaves can catch fire in the gutter. You do not want to lose your whole roof or house.

During Installation

Prepare the lights before going up the roof

DIY holiday light decoration needs ample planning. Measure the area you want to decorate. Make sure you have a plan for decorating and measure the areas around the windows, doors, and trees. This will allow you to purchase enough lights. Make sure to purchase extension cables and outdoor lights. Before you climb up the ladder, untangle all light strings. Verify that the light strings are free of frayed wires or bad lights. These can be dangerous and could cause a fire hazard. It is important to address any problems as soon as possible.

Use plastic light clips to secure the lights in place

To secure lights, don’t use staples or nails. Use plastic clips designed for this purpose instead. Nails and staples can cause serious structural damage in the future. A nail left in a shingle can cause water damage and roof leaks, for example.

There are many types of plastic clips. You can use the all-in-ones to hang lights on gutters or shingles. Use eave clips to hang lights from the eaves. Hanging lights on the eaves is better than hanging them directly on delicate and lightweight shingles. Plastic clips are available that can be used for ridges or other roof types such as clay tiles. You can find the right clips in a local home improvement store.

Do not step on the roof

Although your roof might be strong, you should not step on it. There are many things that could go wrong when you step on the roof. The disadvantages of walking on the roof can include slips and falls, shingles falling off and even shingles being damaged.

You can use a ladder to climb up the roof and install the lights. A long light hanging pole could also be used. You should be careful if you have to climb onto the roof. Walk slowly and wear soft, well-gripped shoes.

Taking the lights down

The lights must be taken down after the holidays. It is best to avoid damaging the roof. Take out the plastic clips one by one. You should not force the plastic clips apart by pulling on them. This could cause damage to the roofing material. You should take your time and remove all lighting slowly until you are finished.

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