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roofing inspectionMany of us know that “preventive medicines” are important, but we wait for a problem before taking action. It’s like a gamble. Sometimes you win and save money or time while avoiding negative consequences. Sometimes, however, a seemingly small issue can grow into a major problem that costs more money and time than it would if the problem had been caught in its earliest stages. That’s why roof inspection is essential.

When these bets fail, the consequences are severe. Far too many building managers and owners take the same approach when it comes to getting a roofing inspection in Greenville SC.

Benefits of Roof Inspection

1. Catch problems while they are small

Roof problems are not something that happens overnight. Major storms are the exception. The problem starts with something innocuous, like a leaning pipe support, then progresses to a leak and puncture. A professional roofing contractor who is familiar with early warning signs will be able to correct the problem before it gets too bad.

When you notice a leak, you may already have structural damage on the roof. It can also take longer and more effort to fix a problem that has progressed. For example, a leak on a roof can spread laterally and hide the true location.

2. Protect your warranty

Most warranties on roofing require a roof inspection every year or twice a year. You may lose your warranty if you cannot prove that qualified roofing professionals performed these roof inspections. Check the fine print.

roofing inspection3. Correct your course

Regular roof inspections not only help you spot problems when they are still small but also allow you to avoid doing things that may harm your roof inadvertently. If an inspector finds excessive wear on your roof, you can prevent further damage by installing walkways and restricting access to more heavily used areas.

Signing in and out can encourage employees to be extra careful when working on the roof. If you find frequent rooftop visits are necessary to fix an old HVAC system, replacing the rooftop equipment may be better than making roof repairs. You may also discover that the pipe supports design is the problem, allowing you to make structural changes.

4. Reduce the risk of secondary damage and downtime

If replacing a roof isn’t expensive enough, its costs can quickly add up. Inventory damage can lead to delays, sales losses, and unhappy clients. Damaged equipment is no different. Damage to the internal structure and flooring could also result in downtime. This may be enough to put the enterprise at risk depending on the extent. Most businesses do not have a high-profit margin to absorb a shutdown without any pain.

You may still be unsure, but consider this: catching one small problem could pay for the cost and time of a regular inspection.

How frequently should you conduct routine inspections? Inspecting your roof at least twice a year, typically during the spring and fall seasons, is recommended. Additionally, after significant weather events such as hail, ice, or strong winds, it is crucial to perform an inspection. To ensure compliance with warranty requirements, carefully review all the fine print. While it may seem unlikely that a single inspection could void your warranty, it is indeed possible. Therefore, it is important to understand your warranty obligations and adhere to them precisely. Consider all the equipment and pipe supports on your roof, as they may have specific regulations. Some insurance companies may also impose similar requirements. To avoid wasting your premiums, ensure that you fully comply with these guidelines.

If you want to know the condition of your roof, call KM Roof and Home Repair now. We can inspect your roof and replace, repair or install it.

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