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roof Have you ever wondered how hot your roof gets during the summer? If you’ve been on your roof on a sunny day, you probably know it can get scorching up there.

Did you also know that when your roof gets hotter, it experiences more stress over time? Plus, the heat that builds up in your attic makes your air conditioning system work harder.

Summer Threats to Your Roof:

Excessive Heat: The Greenville roof will absorb a lot of heat from the sun in summer. Depending on the material used on the roof, a roof that’s not unshaded can reach temperatures of more than 170 degrees Fahrenheit! Extreme heat can damage your roof over time and cause heat to build up in your attic, stressing your air conditioning system and causing condensation problems.

Thermal Shock Cycles: In some climates, roofs can experience high temperatures during the day and cool off rapidly at night. This expansion and contraction weaken your roof’s structure, leading to warping and gaps between roofing materials.

UV Radiation: UV rays reach your roof even during cloudy days. This radiation could dry out roofing materials, especially untreated wood, causing bleaching, weakening, and cracking, as well as asphalt shingle splitting and buckling.

roof How to Protect Your Roof:

Improve Ventilation: Ensure your roof is well-ventilated. Ridge vents and attic fans with adjustable thermostats help excessive heat escape, keeping your roof and attic cooler.

Choose Cool Roofing Materials: When getting a new roof or roof replacement, opt for cooler-rated roofing materials. Some materials reflect more of the sun’s radiation and then absorb lesser heat, resulting in lower energy bills, extended roof and air conditioner lifespan, and possible “green” rebates and tax breaks.

Picking the right material and contractors for your roof is essential. KM Roof and Home Repair can help you explore cool roof material options and answer any questions you may have. We offer top-quality workmanship for your home or commercial roof installation or replacement. Trust them for all your roofing needs!

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