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roofingYou must be prepared to protect your most valuable home from the winter chill. This includes knowing the potential roofing problems that could arise over the coming months and the steps you should take to address them.

How do I know if I have problems?

  • If you are concerned that your roof has been negatively affected by winter storms, there are some signs to look out for.
  • You may have new leaks in your home that appear to originate from your roof or attic.
  • Doors suddenly becoming more difficult to open may be due to the extra weight of snow and ice on your roof.
  • The extra weight of snow or ice on your roof can cause cracks in plaster and drywall.
  • The ridgeline is sagging.

There are 6 potential roofing issues homeowners may face this winter

1. Condensation

Condensation occurs when warm air comes in contact with a cold surface. Inadequate insulation and improper ventilation are the most common causes of condensation. Because condensation is not always obvious, it can slip under the radar for a while before it is noticed. However, the long-term effects can be equally harmful. Condensation can cause mold and mildew to form in your home, which can then affect the integrity of the insulation. Call a roofing contractor to do spot checks of your attic.  This should be performed once or twice a year to prevent problems from happening. You should be on the lookout for evidence of water damage and existing moisture.

2. Ice Dams

When higher areas of your roof are warmer than those lower down, ice dams can form. These warmer areas melt snow and ice, which then flows down to the colder edges and refreezes. As more water drips down, it forms a ridge that will grow and accumulate behind.

3. Leaky Flashings

Flashings are metal pieces that are placed around roof joints and at spots such as chimneys and vents. They are designed to direct water flow and prevent damage. Although flashings are an essential part of your roofing system and protect some of the most delicate areas, they can also be damaged, especially in winter. Be sure to have a roof inspection done ahead of time to prevent roofing problems in the middle of winter.

Snow and ice can build up, allowing moisture to seep underneath. Sometimes, it can re-freeze the metal strips and lift them, making flashings more vulnerable to further damage. It can also percolate further down, causing water damage to your home.

4. Tree Limbs

Our experts at KM Roof and Home Repair recommend that trees be kept at least three feet from the roof to protect your home.

5. Animals

Your home can be a refuge for wildlife, especially during winter. The majority of pests are squirrels, mice, and rats, but there are also other animals, such as bats and birds. Although damage could be minimal, roof repair will be inevitable if animals are not evacuated immediately.

6. Snow and Ice Buildups

Many homeowners can remove snow from their rooftops with a tool such as a long-handled, rake. This approach is safe for your roof and won’t cause damage to your shingles. Also, be careful not to pull heavy snow directly on you. You should be extra cautious with ladders as they can slip more in winter. Also, never attempt to climb onto your roof to remove snow.

Call KM Roof and Home Repair right away if you notice any problems with your roof. Any leaks and minor roof damage could lead to costly roof repairs if left unattended during the winter. Contact us today for expert roofing services!

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