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roofEach year, we all have our own checklists to prepare for the changing seasons. Preparing for winter can involve many things, including moving garden furniture and putting away garden tools. If we don’t plan for winter, the coming cold, ice and snow could cause major roof problems.

Your roof is one area you may not have looked at in the past. Every season brings its own wear and tear on your roof. Summer heat can cause severe damage to your roof, while the autumn and spring rains can make it even more difficult.

Winter can present some of the most challenging problems for your roof each year. Are you ready for cold and winter weather? Your roof’s main concerns this time of the year are the weight of snow and the harmful effects of ice.

This checklist will help get your roof in order. It can save you time and money later by taking some precautions.

Checklist for Your Roof This Winter

Shingles that are damaged should be replaced

With winter approaching, your roof must be in great shape. You should immediately replace or repair any damaged or missing shingles. Water can seep through the roofing, causing significant damage below. Even minor damage can cause a crack in your armor.

Clean Gutters

Combining leaves from fall with winter snow can lead to a potentially dangerous combination. Your roof can be seriously damaged if your rain gutters become blocked with debris. Ice dams can also occur when water builds up on the roof and gutters.

Secure Gutters

You should also make sure that your gutters are securely attached to your home. Drips can form between the gutters or structure, which can lead to dangerous ice patches below.

Trim Tree Limbs

Wet snow can cause tree limbs to fall off your roof. To prevent roof damage from falling debris, trim limbs.

Make sure to remove snow

Clearing snow is a better option than waiting for it to melt. A snow rake can be used to remove snow from your roof if you live on a single-level property. This will help reduce the snow that is melting around your roof’s edges. Be aware of slippery surfaces and ice.

Check attic ventilation

Although you might not consider airflow to be an issue for the health of your roof, it is vital for your home. Proper roof ventilation can prevent roof damage from heat buildup. Poor attic ventilation can cause moisture buildup, which can freeze, and can also lead to structural damage.

Make sure to check your attic insulation

Proper insulation is also necessary for your attic. Insulation will not only help reduce your heating bills but also prevent heat from escaping to your roof shingles. Cooler shingles will reduce the risk of ice dams on your roof.

A professional roof inspector will inspect your roof

There are many things that you can do to ensure your roof is prepared for winter. A trusted professional can perform a roof inspection to make sure it is ready for winter. They have years of experience and can tell the difference between a roof that is strong enough to withstand the cold and one that needs assistance.

Are you sure your roof is ready for winter? Sometimes, this question requires a professional answer.

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