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roofDid you know that your home’s heating and cooling can be affected by a leaky roof? A roof is essential for energy efficiency in your office or home. Lower bills are possible with better energy efficiency. It’s a win-win situation! Let us walk you through common roof efficiency questions and their answers.

A Guide to Roof Energy Efficiency

What is an Energy Leak?

When you lose significant amounts of heat or cooling through your roof, it is called an energy leak.

What causes energy leaks?

Insufficient insulation, storm damage roof, defective product, or improper installation by a previous roofing company can all impact your roof’s energy efficiency.

How can I tell if my roof is heating or cooling too much?

High cooling and heating bills could indicate that your HVAC system is not working efficiently to recover the energy lost from your roof. Call a roofing contractor if you suspect that this is happening. We will provide a free inspection of your roof by one of our roofing specialists.

Do I require a roof replacement?

Our roofers are certified, trained, and experienced. We will inspect your roof and present you with options that best suit your needs. While roof repair is our first choice, it may be necessary to replace your roof to meet modern efficiency standards. Modern roofing technology can keep your roof up to 40 degrees cooler than traditional roofs.

What can I do to make my roof more efficient in terms of energy use?

It depends on whether you have a flat roof, metal roof, slate, or shingle roof. An upgrade in insulation might be possible. A cool roof option is available on the market these days. Cool Roofs reflect heat and sunlight away from your home, resulting in a greater cooling load reduction and increased energy efficiency.

There are many roof options that can be labeled Energy Star. They come in a variety of roofing options, including asphalt shingles and shake shingles as well as metal roofing, foam roofing, and slate roofing. Energy Star roofing products can reduce the need for more air conditioning in buildings, which will help lower your bills. Proper ventilation is an important part of energy efficiency. It allows air to circulate.

What savings can I make in my heating and cooling costs by installing a new roof on my home?

Energy-efficient roofs are able to reduce your utility bills by up to 25%. This can translate into savings of hundreds, if not thousands, per year. This can lead to a roof that is cost-effective and long-lasting.

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