roof inspectionThe largest financial investment most people make is buying a house. Homebuyers might be tempted to remove conditions from an offer to buy – including a roof inspection – in a hot realty market to ensure they win the house.

A roofing contractor can provide valuable information about the property’s worth, including whether it needs repairs or replacement.

What is a Roof Inspection?

Your home’s roof is the first line of defense against weather. It protects your family and investment. An inspector will inspect your home to verify the roof is in good condition and discuss any maintenance requirements.

Insurance companies often ask for current information about the condition of your roof before they will quote homeowners’ policies. The age of your roof and the date it was last checked can affect how much coverage you have and what premium you pay.

A report that describes the condition of the home is offered by the seller. However, many roof problems are invisible from the ground and can’t be seen with an untrained eye. A professional roof inspection in Greenville SC will provide you with specific information that can help you avoid any future surprises such as a roof leak after you move in.

What are the Top Things Roof Inspectors Are Looking For?

An experienced roofer will conduct a thorough inspection in a matter of hours. This could help you avoid unexpected costs later. An average roof inspection costs between $120-$300. However, it could cost slightly more for more complicated roofing systems.

Roof inspectors will inspect your roof for damage such as missing, broken, or peeling shingles, panels, sagging supports or rotting wood. These signs can be caused by storms, wear and tear, or weather. The inspector will inspect several areas of your roof, including the deck. In order to check for water damage or leaks, the roof inspector might enter your home and inspect the flashings.

An inspector will also check that the fascia, soffit and vented areas are in good order. Inspectors also check for debris and leave blocking the gutters. They also make sure that the waterspouts are draining away from the house. An inspector may also recommend trimming or climbing trees that could cause damage to your roof.

Flat roofs will have an inspector look for signs of sagging. They will also check whether the membrane has cracked, punctured or been split. These issues can cause water leaks and compromise your roofing system.

What should you ask your inspector?

Ask the sellers in advance if the roof inspector has access to the interior of the house you are interested in buying. Ask your inspector about the time it will take and if you are allowed to be there so they can point out any problems from the ground. Your roof inspector will recommend any changes or upgrades if you are planning on adding a room or feature to your home.

What should I do if my roof needs repairs?

If an inspector finds that the roof requires major roof repairs or replacement, they might be able estimate the cost or direct you to a roofing contractor for a quote.

A professional roof inspection will give you peace-of-mind before you buy a house. If your roofing contractor raises concerns (including the urgent need to replace the entire roof), you will receive a written report which you can use to negotiate the price. Sometimes, sellers prefer to have the work done before the sale. A roof inspection is a cost-effective way to ensure you understand the condition of one of your most valuable features before you buy.

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