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roof repairYour roof is an important part of your home. Your roof protects your home and belongings from weather elements, animals, and changing weather. The harsh winter weather is clearing up and homeowners will be more inclined to spend time on their roofs, whether it’s routine maintenance, appliance repairs, or just for fun. Nevertheless, increased roof activity can increase the risk of roof problems such as roof punctures. Roofs with holes in them are an immediate roofing problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Roof repair should be done as soon as possible. Roof punctures can expose the roof to rainwater leaking from the roof, which can cause exterior and interior damage.

Water can cause serious damage to roof membranes and the protecting felt beneath. The roof’s underlayment can be at risk if a hole is made in it. Contact a Greenville roofing contractor to arrange a roof inspection.

What is a Roof Puncture?

Roof punctures are a hole in the roofing material. They are often caused by weight and extreme pressure. Small and large punctures can be dangerous as they are difficult to spot. A puncture could penetrate the membranes and protective felt, allowing moisture to cause serious damage.

Roof punctures can happen without warning signs. The roof is more at risk of severe damage if the underlayment is not covered. Because of differences in weight displacement, flat roofs are more susceptible to roof punctures than slanted roofs.

Common Reasons for Roof Punctures

Roof punctures can happen for many reasons. Here are the most common reasons:

Tree damage

Tree branches or even entire trees can come down and puncture a roof. If a tree trunk is decaying, it can fall on your roof and smash into your roof. Trees near homes can also be damaged or uprooted by strong storms. Heavy tree branches can cause roof damage.


A lot of animals love to climb on top of homes. However, they can also cause severe damage to your roof. Animals such as birds, squirrels, and raccoons could cause damage to your roof membrane. Because animals have easy access to roofs that have been damaged, they are more likely to cause more damage.


Hail can cause serious damage to roofs if it is too heavy or powerful. Hail damage can be caused by factors such as the speed and size of hail, its density, and the age and condition of the roof. Roof leaks often result from high-speed hailstones hitting your roof.

Gusty winds

Strong winds can puncture roofs in many ways. The roof may even fall off completely if there are strong winds. Strong winds can also cause roof damage by throwing heavy objects.

Rust and Rot

Metal roofs can rust but are often resistant to weather and water. If rust is allowed to build up, holes can form in metal roofs. Water and moss can cause roof shingles to wear and damage. This can lead to roof gaps.

What to do after roof damage in Greenville SC

Next, you need to take action after identifying the problem. You can feel confident that your family is protected from the elements by repairing your roof as soon as possible.

Roof Inspection

Call us if you have any questions on roof damage and repairs. KM Roof and Home Repair bring years of combined roofing experience to any project. Our highly trained team will perform a roof inspection quickly and accurately and then recommend the best course of action.

Roof punctures could lead to leaks and other serious problems. If you think your roof has been compromised, contact KM Roof and Home Repair today. We’ll swiftly take care of all your roofing issues.

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