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RoofingYour roof may not get the recognition and appreciation it deserves, but its role in protecting your home is pivotal. To ensure that your roofing system remains strong and reliable for years to come, here are a few facts you should know about caring for this essential structure.

Best Roofing Material

Metal roofing is the perfect choice for any location and climate. Its attractive design and reliable performance make it one of my go-to building materials, no matter what Mother Nature throws its way!


To prevent the outside elements from entering your home, attic ventilation is essential. For optimal airflow and insulation protection, refrain from storing objects in your space, or make sure they are low to ground level with plenty of clearance around vents. Making these small adjustments can help keep moisture levels at bay as well as combat extreme heat and cold air before it reaches living areas!

Roof Cleaning

Keeping your roof clean may not always be necessary, but if moss or growth becomes an issue it’s important to take the proper precautions. Mixing bleach and water in a garden sprayer is one way of safely addressing any unwanted development on shingle-topped roofs. Just make sure you’re mindful when rinsing as too much water can work its way beneath those protective layers! Be warned that scrubbing could cause irreversible damage, so avoid using pressure washers at all costs – this isn’t like another chore around the house after all!


Upon completion, thoroughly inspect your roof to ensure a job well done. All vents and rubber boots around penetrations should be replaced by your preferred roofer for optimal security against the elements. Additionally, any flashing near chimneys or in valleys must all be fresh from their store-bought packaging so that there is no risk of leaking down the line. Visually check over every part – colors should match seamlessly, leaving you with nothing less than clean straight lines across its surface!

Life Span

An asphalt shingle roof, if properly cared for, can easily last 15 years; in milder environments, its lifespan may even stretch to 25 or more. However, harsher climates – where wind and sun reign supreme – shorten this span significantly. To combat weather’s influence on your roofing materials (asphalt, metal slate, etc.), be sure that any overhanging trees are kept at bay as their branches might brush against the delicate material causing considerable damage.

New Roofing Trends

Everywhere you turn, metal roofing is popping up as the premier choice of roof. Its superior durability and longevity make it one of today’s most sought-after materials to shield homes from Mother Nature!

Weak Spots

Your roof is designed to protect you from the elements, but any protrusions can create weak spots in its defenses. Make sure that your flashing around chimneys and dormer walls are adequately sealed – it could be crucial for keeping a strong barrier between you and nature’s fury!

Roofing Materials

Insurance companies often favor metal roofs when it comes to storm-proofing, as they can withstand greater levels of damage with fewer complaints received. On the other hand, wooden shingles like cedar shakes are not fireproof and may end up costing more in insurance fees due to their susceptibility to flames.

Roof Inspection

As an average homeowner, it’s wise to visually inspect your roof throughout the year – twice in spring and fall as a minimum. But if you’re particularly vigilant like me – with several trees near my home that have caused previous damage – I take extra steps by regularly checking on my roof monthly, or anytime after a storm. Is anything out of place? Don’t hesitate: Call up reliable professionals for their expert roof inspection!

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