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New Roof Greenville SCWhether you plan to install a roof by yourself or you want to hire a professional to take care of the roof installation, understanding the steps and process involved can help make sure that your roof is installed properly. Here’s a brief overview of the steps undertaken during this project. This focuses more the installation of asphalt roof shingles and the metal roofing.

It’s smart to obtain price quotes for roofing installation from at least four prescreened as well as licensed roof installation and repair contractors before beginning the project so that you have an idea of the cost.

Any major online conversation of roof replacement costs needs to start by mentioning that rates will vary a large amount since there are no standard roofing tasks. Your requirements might be unlike your next-door neighbor’s. Besides the evident distinctions in terms of measurements and pitch, your roof system might be more used or weather damaged, for example. There may be special features you wish to add to your roof installation such as dormer windows to add more light, solar shingles for their ecological value and you get a unique roof situation.

Get Reliable Roof Replacement Cost Quotes

roof installationThe best method to discover the cost of a brand-new roofing system is by getting estimates from several trusted local roofing professionals. An authentic accredited roofer will not charge you for a quote. Beware of a figure that is considerably lower than average, as this is likely to forecast a bad quality job or lack of understanding of what is truly needed. Ensure that you get references from anyone you are considering employing and check those references out. Always remember to examine whether your homeowner’s insurance policy will help cover the costs.



 Steps Involved in Roof Installation


Take Out The Old Roofing

The outdated roofing would most likely be removed before the new material is installed. There are those who install the new roof materials on top of the existing one to save time. But don’t forget that adding several layers could result in premature roof failure. The old roof must be stopped down to the sheathing and then rebuilt.

Inspect The Roof

Once the old roof is removed, check the sheathing. The roof sheathing is comprised of flat panels that offer structural support as well as a base where the roofing materials like the shingles are linked to. Search for moist spots or trouble areas that need to be replaced.

Create Protection Against Ice

If you are living in a place that is vulnerable to ice for a certain time of the year, it is crucial to set up an ice and water barrier around your roof during the roof replacement Greenville project. This product will go around the roof’s edges, but also at the bottom edge, which is at risk of ice buildup. This underlayment is a sticky one and it sticks to the roof sheathing. It is then nailed down for additional stability and strength with roofing nails.

Add The Drip Edge

The drip edge of your residential roofing will go down in two separate parts of the installation process. The first one is for the roof’s lower part, before the underlayment, and for the roof’s sides it goes on after. Set up the metal drip edge along your home’s bottom edge over top of the water and ice barrier. Then nail it in its place flat and against the roof.

Once you have installed the roof underlayment, you need to do the drip edge on the sides just like how you did it at the bottom. This will help prevent water from running over the siding’s edge and then back below it.

Installation of Roofing Underlayment

Roof underlayment, may it be synthetic or felt paper, is saturated in materials that are water resistant and it comes in #15 and #30 thickness. However, the synthetic products are far more durable compared to the felt option. If you would rather have the best way to protect your roof aside from the roofing itself, you have to invest in a costlier synthetic underlayment. It’s the most durable and convenient option.

Place the underlayment on the roof’s edge and make sure that you secure it in its proper place by using cap roof nails in every four inches along the outer edges and about eight inches at the center. The cap nails must not go through the drip edge, but just above it.

Adding a layer vs. having the roofing system stripped. It is cheaper to add a layer of a brand new roof on top of the existing roof. If you already have 3 layers in a location on your house, however, you will need to remove them (aka “tear-off”). When setting up a roofing material such as slate, which is exceptionally heavy, you might need tear-off even if you have only 1 or 2 layers, as well as the support of your roofing system’s structure. This will add labor hours to your new roof and also necessitate the disposal of the old product.

Miscellaneous. Other elements that can contribute to the roof replacement cost are less foreseeable. Your roofing contractor may find that the roofing system decking is rotten or the flashing is damaged, for example, requiring lengthier replacement and repair work than you were originally counting on.

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