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DIYs are fun to do especially when you’re known to be handy around the house. But things can easily get out of hand. Plus, gutters aren’t always part of your priorities when it comes to home repairs and maintenance. Unfortunately, if you do not seek out gutter services, whether for cleaning or repair, twigs, leaves and other sediments can easily damage your costly gutter system.

Be sure to protect your house by getting in touch with roofing contractors from KM Roof and Home Repair.

Gutter Installation

Most companies that offer gutter installation only deal with gutters. If you hire KM Roof and Home Repair’s local gutter installers, you won’t just be getting gutter installation by the pros.

While our team is on the job, they will deal with any damage to the soffits, siding, and fascia of your home to avoid further damage. Our team can also handle other tasks around your home to make sure that your home remains in excellent shape.

Gutter Maintenance Tips

We can’t stress enough the importance of cleaning the gutter. Although it’s best to have the pros do it for you, you can take on the gutter cleaning yourself if you are an avid DIYer.

Here are a few gutter maintenance tips you should know:

  • Have the right tools like work gloves, putty knife, and ladder.
  • Test the gutters if they’ve been cleaned out completely by using a garden hose.
  • Identify which part of your gutters are prone to clogging so you can deal with it.
  • Don’t use the gutters to support your weight and it’s not ideal to hang anything from them.

KM Roof and Home Repair can help install gutter guards, which can get rid of the need to have the gutter cleaned every season. You can cut back on the costs in the long run since they significantly reduce or eliminate seasonal gutter cleaning Greenville and avoid expensive repairs.

Call KM Roof and Home Repair now if you need professional help in gutter installation, repair, or maintenance.

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