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roof inspectionIt’s easy to forget about your commercial roof when it’s out of sight. A regular professional roof inspection will reveal minor issues before they turn into major problems that require expensive repairs.

It is exposed to all the elements. Your roof is working for you in rain, snow, wind, and sunshine. You can prevent catastrophic problems by regularly checking the condition of your roof. Maintaining your warranty by having inspections and recording the findings of the inspector will be easier if you keep a record. Inspections can be performed quarterly, biannually, or annually, depending on the climate and foot traffic.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of regular roof inspections. However, finding a reliable roofing contractor who can perform these inspections is equally important. A contractor with little experience or of low quality may seem cheaper initially, but it could end up costing you more in the future. This blog post will cover what you should look for when choosing a roofer and why it’s worth getting a second opinion.


A roofing contractor in Greenville SC with the most experience will provide you with all of the information necessary to understand your roof’s current condition. Expect to receive a detailed list of the issues you are facing, along with a timeline of repairs, explains what your warranty covers, and includes photos of the problems.

You may consider getting a second or third opinion for the following reasons:

  • The report on the inspection was unclear or did not effectively describe your roof’s state.
  • You suspect that your inspector may be dishonest.
  • Inspector fails to highlight issues that you already know.
  • You are faced with a complicated roofing problem and you want to consider all your options.

An experienced inspector will provide you with the most accurate information and explain the condition of your roof.


A second opinion has been proven to be a reliable way to build trust with your chosen roofing contractor. Understanding the condition of your roof is similar to understanding a diagnosis. Roof owners need a roofer that is capable, thorough, and can communicate well. In the roofing industry, it is well worth your time to carefully evaluate your roofer. A second opinion can reduce your risks significantly.

It may also be necessary for your company to obtain more than one estimate depending on the scope and price of the work. Other times, you may want to get a second opinion to better understand the condition of your roof.


You should have enough information to make an educated decision after receiving a second opinion (or third). Compare all reports, and identify patterns. Note the reported problems and different solutions each contractor suggests. Online sources that are reputable can be used to conduct research. The manufacturers of roofing materials will provide literature demonstrating the basic techniques and applications. You can learn to recognize red flags by spending a little time yourself.

When it comes to roofing inspections in Greenville SC, we like to show our skills. We want to communicate as transparently as possible your options, including as many photos and details as we can. We have more than 30 years’ experience in the field but we also don’t hesitate to own up to mistakes or bad judgments. Integrity is a priority for our team.

Our inspection reports will give you sufficient information to allow you to access the roof and inspect it yourself with confidence. Our team will meet with you on-site to demonstrate our findings. We offer a range of options to suit your budget. We can determine the most important issues that need to be addressed and then create a timeline for repair that fits your budget.

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