roofing Greenville SCA growing number of young adults buy homes, and other slightly older adults purchase their second or third homes. Never skimp on a thorough home inspection when you are choosing the right house for your family. This should include an in-depth investigation of the roof. You should always hire a local roofing contractor to inspect the roof to determine if you need to replace it soon or if there are any problems with the roof.

Here are a few signs that a roofing job is not done well.

1. Roofs are not uniform in appearance.

On one side, it will look perfect but on the other, not so much. The shingles may not match, which indicates that the owner replaced only a part of the roof and didn’t replace the entire thing. Or they might have just patched up problem areas.

2. Underlayment is missing.

It is important to inspect the roof closely. This is why you should always have a roofer who has a reputation for doing a thorough job inspecting the roof before buying a home.

The underlayment material is placed above the sheathing of the roof, beneath the roofing shingles. Without it, a leak is almost certain. This contributes to the premature aging of a roof. A roof that is only a year old without underlayment looks like it has been there for 50 years.

3. Roof is missing the drip edge.

The drip edges of the roof are crucial to its performance. These are galvanized pieces of steel that extend just above the gutter and go over the underlayment. The water will continue to flow down the roof, into the gutter, and away from your house.

The drip edge is used in areas that are prone to strong winds. It prevents water from entering the house at the edge of the roof. Water will affect the height of your interior wall if it gets into this area. A missing drip edge may also cause rot, stains, soil erosion, mold, and flooding in the basement.

4. Roofs are not properly attached.

Your local building codes will determine the type of attachment required. Roofers will be able to tell you what type of attachment is needed. Roofers who use the wrong type of nail or cut back on the number of nails will cause roof damage.

5. The roof is stained black.

Black stains are another obvious sign that your roof is in need of roof repair. Water leaks are the cause of this. Inspect the attic for signs of water leaks and damage.

6. Roof missing shingles

You should inspect the roof before you call your roofing contractor in Greenville SC to come and do an inspection. This will allow you to determine if it needs any work. While missing or damaged shingles may not be an immediate sign of a problem they can provide information about the overall quality of the roof. It’s normal to find some damaged or missing shingles after a windstorm. It’s a good sign if the house you are looking at is the only home with damage.

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