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roof leakYou can choose from hundreds of thousands results if you search for “how to fix a poor roofing job”. If you were to search for “good roof job“, there are only a few thousands results.

Unfortunately, the roofing industry does not always do a great job.

It’s very easy to blame one party. You could blame the roofing contractors for being rushed. You may blame homeowners who have unrealistic expectations. You could blame insurance companies for wanting to only pay the minimum.

In any roofing repair situation, it’s important to find a solution that will get the job done correctly — and at the right price.

Tell-tale signs that indicate a bad roof job:

Leaking After First Rain

The first rain could be the test for your newly repaired roof. There’s a problem if it leaks.

Even if the mistake is not serious, perhaps a few nails were not installed correctly, it’s still important to act. Tell your roofer immediately that something is wrong. A good roofing contractor will be on the scene to fix any problems as soon as possible.

If they don’t respond to your calls, or worse still, ignore them completely, you may be dealing with a poor roofing job.

It’s not so much the roof that leaks, but the contractor’s reaction. It could be a simple mistake. Poor response from your contractor may be an indication of other issues.

Uneven Roof, Uneven Appearance

sagging roofA roof that looks bad is another sign of a poor roofing job.

If your roof does not have a uniform, clean appearance, then there may be a problem. Uniform does not mean that all pieces are identical. Certain shingle types may have natural colors that are different.

We are referring to the possibility that shingles improperly installed may be lifting. You’re likely dealing with a bad roof job if the shingles appear uneven or inconsistent.

Inconsistency of this kind is caused by poorly driven nails, shortcuts and laziness. If it was an accident as we have discussed, then your contractor should be on the case to rectify the situation.

This uneven appearance can lead to more serious roof problems if your contractor does not fix it.

Critical Roof Pieces Ignored During Installation

Have you ever found that your children have completed a LEGO set only to discover that there are still a lot of pieces left over?

Roofs should not be left without their most important pieces.

Important roofing components include

  • Drip edge
  • Water and ice shielding
  • Pipe Boots
  • Roof decking
  • Roof flashing
  • Roof material
  • Underlayment

You’re exposing yourself to greater roof risks if you skip any of these materials.

Why would a roofer leave these pieces out?

Everything has a price. They can estimate a lower price by leaving out the less important items.

This bad roofing mistake can be avoided by carefully reading the items included in the estimate. You’re good to go if all the items above are included.

Poorly ventilated attic

The attic is much more than a place to store old pictures and holiday decorations.  It has a ventilation system which plays an important role in the health of your roof. If there is no ventilation, air trapped in the roof can have a negative impact.

The decking adhesive will be weakened by hot air. Shingles may curl and crack as a result.

As the warm moist air rises from your home, it mixes with cold air, causing condensation. This will cause your roof to expand in certain areas.

Your roof will suffer, regardless of whether the trapped air is hot or cold. You’re probably dealing with a bad roof if your roof is suffering.

You can avoid this by verifying the plan of your roofing contractor for your attic ventilation system. The contractor will either confirm that it’s updated and working, or propose a plan to replace it.

Rotten Decking

Decking is the foundation of your roof system. It’s common for contractors to check the decking when a roof needs replacing. It is important to replace any rotten pieces.

This is because the decking has rotted and can’t handle new materials. It can cause sagging and mildew, which can be dangerous to your family.

It’s difficult to estimate the cost of replacing decking in advance. Contractors can only accurately estimate the cost after the old roof has been removed.

How to Avoid a Bad Roofing Job and Replace Your Roof

Some of these signs can only be seen after a roofing project has been completed, but others can easily be avoided. To do this, make sure that the roofing materials needed are included in the estimate. It is also important to make sure that the insurance company knows everything about what needs replacing.

The best way to avoid a bad roofing job is to call a qualified roofer like KM Roof and Home Repair . We have years of experience with roof problems and will respond quickly to your call.

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