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roofingMany homeowners attempt to save money on roofing by doing it themselves. In most cases, it costs them more because roofing work is much harder than it appears. KM Roof and Home Repair is one of the top roofing companies in the state. Below are the most common DIY roof failures.

Common Roofing Failures

1. Replace worn shingles with new shingles

A roofing contractor who is worth his salt will know that the old shingles must be removed before you can install new ones. Many DIYers, who lack the expertise to do this, make a critical mistake.

2. Use Too Many or Few Nails in the Wrong Place

A DIYer should also know that they must drive a specific number of nails into the right spot. The manufacturer will usually include these details in the instruction manual that comes along with the shingles. However, the instructions may be too complex for beginners.

3. Roof Leaks

It only takes a single mistake – a missing nail or a shingle incorrectly placed – to create a hole through which water will enter your roof. This is why DIY roofing projects almost always result in leaks.

4. Safety Issues

If the new roof is not installed correctly, safety issues may arise. In addition, without the right safety equipment and training, there is a high chance of accidents occurring during the roof installation.

5. Project Delays

Lack of experience and training, as well as possible safety issues and mistakes, can cause your schedule to be thrown off course. DIYers are particularly affected by delays, as they can usually only complete DIY roofing projects on the weekends. DIY roofing is not worth the effort, time, or money due to the likelihood of delays and the risk of errors. It’s best to leave highly technical work, such as a roof replacement, to the professional roofers.

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