roofIt’s stressful enough to buy a home, especially when it’s the first time. You probably learned a great deal about the home-buying process from your home inspector and real estate agent. You probably did not get roof advice from your real estate agent or home inspector. As a new homeowner, here’s what you should know about your roof.

Know your warranty

It is not until there is a problem that people think about warranties. In an emergency, this is a very important part of owning a home. Take the time to contact your insurance company and understand your home warranty.

Roof warranties are an investment, just like a home warranty. But the benefits far outweigh the costs. The benefits include coverage for roof system components and defective roofing materials, as well as coverage against installation mistakes. The warranty will cover most roof damage, but not everything. Why not get all the help that you can as a new homeowner?

Keep your gutters clean

Cleaning gutters is something that most people overlook, but it’s an important part of maintaining your home. In your gutters, leaves, small branches, and other debris can become stuck and prevent rainwater runoff. Water damage can occur on the exterior and interior of your home. You will save money by cleaning your gutters and allowing rainwater to pass through.

Check your roofing materials

A roofing contractor should inspect your roof. Your home inspector might have checked the roof early on during the home-buying process for obvious signs of damage. However, it is unlikely that they checked for roof leaks or damaged flashing. It’s a good idea to hire a roofer.

A roofing contractor can provide a detailed inspection that will help you determine the health of your roof. Many roofing companies will provide a free inspection of your roof. Do some research to find a local company that can do this.

When to replace your roof

Roofs have an average lifespan of 15-30 years. You won’t need to replace your roof anytime soon if you purchased a brand new home. However, if you have an older house, you should be aware of the signs and symptoms so that you can avoid further damage.

You should hire a roofing contractor in Greenville SC to help you with your roof, but as a first-time homeowner, there are some obvious signs that you need to be aware of. The presence of curled, missing, or cracked shingles and moss on your roof are all signs that you should address immediately.

Roof maintenance is important.

You can treat your roof in the same way you would any other aspect of your home, such as plumbing or HVAC. Schedule regular roof inspections if you can. You’ll save money over time.

Book a roof inspection

Roof problems can occur both during and outside of the severe weather season. Roofs should be inspected regularly for damage by both new and experienced homeowners. It’s a good time to have your roof inspected and maintained.

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