roof inspection Greenville SCYour first line of defense against storms is your roof. Although they are great for protecting you from the elements, severe storms can cause damage to your roof. Most roof damage can’t be seen from below, which is the most dangerous aspect. A professional roof inspection will help to identify and assess any damage that has occurred following a storm. Your roofer can quickly and efficiently repair or replace your roof if it is necessary.

What to look for after a storm?

Wind Damage. Strong winds can disrupt your roofing system. If you have experienced strong winds, it is important to get a professional evaluation of your roofing system.

Hail Damage. Hail damage can cause cracks, dents, and divots to your roof system. If not addressed, these damages could lead to a leaky roof.

Falling Debris. Your roof’s integrity could be affected by heavy amounts of leaves, branches, and other debris. It doesn’t matter if it is damaging your roof or weighing down your gutters. You should remove any debris from your roof after a storm to check for damage.

6 Ways Your Roofing Contractor can Help You

1. Analyze Roof Stability

The stability of your roof is the first thing that your roofer will examine. What does this mean? A thorough roof inspection in Greenville SC involves looking at the supports surrounding the roof to determine if they have buckled or moved. This is particularly important after a storm, when heavy rains, snow, or hail can cause roof damage. A storm can also cause instability in your roof if you have large things, like tree branches covering a section of your roof.

2. Read the Shingles

Are you blessed with a stunning shingle roof? Although shingles can be beautiful and last a lifetime, they are not invincible. A professional roofer will inspect your roof to ensure your shingles remain strong and secure. A storm can cause shingles to come loose, get damaged or even fall off. Roof leak repairs can be costly so make sure the shingles are securely attached.

3. Look out for Leaks

A roof leak is not something you want. A roof leak is a nightmare for homeowners as it can cause severe damage and even death. Roof leaks can sometimes go unnoticed until the storms hit, which allows for outdoor elements to enter your ceiling. A leak may be detected if you notice discoloration on your ceiling or walls. Regular professional roof inspections are the best way to avoid this. Regular inspections will increase your chances of catching leaks before they cause serious damage.

4. Examine the insulation

Your attic insulation can be affected by roof damage. An inspection by a professional can assess the insulation’s integrity to determine if it has been damaged by storms. Your team will be on the job if repairs are necessary.

5. Spot smaller issues

You might feel tempted to climb up on a ladder and inspect your roof after a storm. This is a good idea if you feel comfortable and safe doing so. While this may help you identify obvious damage, it is often the small, unnoticed problems that can cause expensive problems. A professional roofer will be able to spot the smallest damages and offer solutions. A few things that may be overlooked by the untrained eye are small leaks, damaged roofs, and ice dams.

6. Assist with Insurance Claims

One of the many benefits of working with professional roofers post-storm is their ability to manage insurance claims. As proof of damage, insurance companies require detailed documentation. You can save time and money by having professional assessments done.

To ensure that your insurance claim goes smoothly, we keep detailed records of all our work. We are a certified roofing company and will take photos of any damage, give you a detailed summary of the roof’s condition, and offer cost estimates to help speed up the process. Contact KM Roof and Home Repair to avoid potential problems from storm-induced roof damage.

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